"I often refer agencies to OASSIS as I know they will be pleased with the services and offerings of OASSIS" - May 2018

"As a not for profit organization, OASSIS understands the needs and realities that non-profits face." - May 2018

"Good rates, good benefits, and very helpful staff.  They have made comprehensive benefits available at an affordable price to a small organization with limited staff.  We have been very satisfied." - May 2018

 "OASSIS is a not-for-profit company, just like us.  The plan is comprehensive, it is a reasoable cost and the service is outstanding.  As a small not-for-profit, we appreciate the hand-holdings." - May 2017

"Prices are reasonable, service is responsive.  Familiar with the needs of the not-for-profit sector." - May 2017

"We were with OASSIS 3 years ago and left because of the LTD increase. We were not satisfied with the company we moved to and when were approached by OASSIS, we agreed to return." - May 2017

"Great service and benefits at a reasonable cost compared to other providers." -  May 2017

"The service is phenomenal. We don’t have the in-house expertise to manage our benefits; we’re too small so we need “hand holding”. OASSIS provides us with the support we need at a very reasonable price. I’d hate to have a large for-profit company as our benefit provider. We wouldn’t get the help we need."- May 2016

“I find the service I get from OASSIS staff to be great. I have recommended OASSIS to many of my partner agencies and would highly recommend their services to others”. – May 2016

“Good rates, non-profit status – excellent customer service”. - May 2016

"In the non-profit world there is few who are able to provide a benefits package and OASSIS is by far the most helpful in my experience!" - May 2015

" "Easy for small non-profits to get a plan and benefits" - May 2015

"No brokerage fees or commission to pay due to not-for-profit status"  - May 2015

"It is the best plan for non-profit organizations" - May 2015

"Great value for the money" - May 2015

"Good management, good plans, stable rates, responsive to inquiries"  - May 2015

"Very satisfied with program, recommended last week in fact" - May 2015

"Responsive and affordable" - May 2015

"Service and commitment level to employers are fantastic!" - May 2015

"Great experience in the 4 months we have been with OASSIS.  Easy transition as well" - May 2015

"Since our organization made the decision to go with OASSIS for the Group Benefit Plan, OASSIS has provided nothing but exceptional customer service. It is evident that you value every client relationship to its fullest extent; We are looking forward to many more years to come of working with such an excellent team!"- April 29, 2015"

""In my experience with OASSIS - it has been nothing but a pleasure to work with you and the staff.  I have and will continue to recommend OASSIS to other not-for-profits looking at changing or starting benefit plans for their employees.  Thank you so much - myself and the employees appreciate this service."

"your staff are excellent....keep them!"

"I have found the customer service excellent anytime I have had to get information.  Thanks OASSIS for being approachable and knowledgeable."                                                                                                                                                                                      
"As we are a new client, I have found OASSIS very reputable and very assured that our staff is well insured."                                        

"Continue to offer great customer support and service, and you will beat out your competitors even if they are less expensive.  Not-for-profits don't have the time or resources to deal with benefits.  I appreciate having someone at OASSIS I can call on to get things done."
June 26, 2014 - comments from OASSIS Annual Survey 

"Your swift and immediate attention to this has been greatly appreciated.  Great customer service.  Thank you very much!"
June 17, 2013

"Excellent work everyone!  I sincerely appreciate your professionalism and helpfulness!"
April, 10, 2013

"I wanted to let you know that I am very satisfied with the relationship between our organization and OASSIS.  The people at OASSIS are great to work with and I am very glad that you folks are doing things to make the plans better and cost effective.  Keep up the great work you do"
March 6, 2013

“I have received the renewal information and was very pleased to see that our costs will not increase for the next year. Shows we made the right choice!”
February 7, 2013

"You were so wonderful to me with all my many questions.  You were always quick to get back to me.  I really appreciated how much you made my benefit administration task easy."
February 7, 2013