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Welcome to the OASSIS Wellness Services!

The OASSIS Wellness Services is a brand new initiative to the OASSIS benefits plan.  Our goal is to help our clients achieve a healthy workplace by providing health and wellness programs, resources and support.  The wellness service is a complimentary program for all our clients, managed by Tri Fit Inc., a corporate health and wellness organization.

With the OASSIS Wellness Services you can look forward to comprehensive programs that will support and foster employee’s physical, mental and emotional health, prevent workplace related injuries and illnesses and promote work-life balance.  

The OASSIS Wellness Services is coordinated by our Wellness Consultant Kayleigh Marshall.  Please contact her with any questions or inquires about the wellness resources.

For all of our monthly Wellness materials please see the links below for downloadable resources.

Wellness Archive »

Wellness Bulletin

The monthly newsletter covers up-to-date health and wellness information and upcoming wellness events.

Healthy Habits

Take a look at this month’s healthy habit and learn useful strategies for implementing healthy lifestyle choices. 

Take 5 from Alive

Take 5 includes quick health articles, wellness tips and tasty recipes. Enjoy! 

Wellness Webinars

One-On-One Consultations

If you’re looking to make a healthy lifestyle change then we can help! Contact the OASSIS Wellness Consultant and take advantage of the following programs:
  • Personalized fitness programs are made to suit your fitness level and goals for at home or the gym!
  • Work-life balance strategies to prioritize all aspects of your busy life.
  • Stress management techniques to effectively manage busy lifestyles and daily pressures.
  • Weight management coaching to reach your weight loss goals and decrease your risk of chronic diseases. 
  • Goal-setting workshops to strategize reaching workplace and personal achievements. 

Current Events & Programs

Check out the OASSIS Executive Director's 
FIT to Lead profile and learn about her dedication to wellness and health! 

Please check the archive for all the 2016 resources.


Click here for the June issue of Alive@Work! Also, see the Take 5 resources posted to the left.

June Wellness Activities


Click here to see the Tech-NO handout. You'll find information on the benefits of spending more time outdoors and tips on how to fit in more low tech activities. You can also try the Digital Detox Challenge. Email your quiz to Kayleigh by June 19th!

Activity Commodore

Looking for more ways to relax, unplug,recharge and connect? Try the OASSIS Commodore!   

Learn 2 Run Program

Did you miss the Learn 2 Run program? Email Kayleigh at Wellness@OASSISplan.com to access the resources. 


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